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The Beauty Room
The Beauty Room

Welcome to The Beauty Room

Here is where you find the difference you have been looking for in a beauty experience.

Unique Perspective

As an esthetics client overseas, and as a model, I have tried out many different esthetics studios and spa type environments, including ‘nail’ bar experience in Idaho!  Here is what I see, many of these places lack good sanitation, offer poor technique, and you are just one of hundreds that they see every week.  I understand your motivation to find something better.  When I went to esthetics school, and when I opened The Beauty Room – I had you in mind.  I wanted to create a beautiful environment where women could feel safe, be treated with the utmost care, and where they could be certain that their individual needs mattered. My mission is to help you feel beautiful inside and outside.  

Come on in to The Beauty Room – an experience worth finding.
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